Saving Money Heating Your Home This Winter

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Winter can have a brutal attack on your home, you become tempted to blast the heaters all day and night to fight off the chills. Once you get your gas bill, however, you realise the tragic mistake. This doesn’t mean you have to be freezing during the colder months, it just means to be smart about how you stay warm. We have some tips for you to do just that:

Mastering the thermostat

Like we have said, having your heating on a spontaneous blast can really hurt your wallet. If you have it on a low temperature for long amounts of time, however, you’re more likely to save money and be comfortable. Even if you turn your thermostat down by a degrees, you could potentially save quite a lot of money every year.

Layering up

Having the heating up isn’t the only way that you can stay warm. Utilising things like jumpers, blankets, duvets and anything else that is soft and cosy will mean you won’t be reaching for the thermostat as much as usual. This will save you a lot of money!

Use your oven

It may sound like a strange tip, but leaving your oven door open after you’ve finished cooking a meal will heat up the kitchen and perhaps other rooms if not just slightly. Using this method to stay warm means that you’re using heat that you’ve created to keep you warm, rather than letting it go to waste.


Closing your curtains will keep the warmth in if they’re thick enough. During winter there isn’t a lot of sunshine so don’t feel like you’re missing out if you only open a few curtains here and there. Try to keep the heavier curtains closed as they will trap the cold in that comes from the windows. A lot of radiators are situated underneath windows. When you have curtains closed make sure to tuck them behind the radiator so you’re letting the heat pour out across the room rather than getting stopped by the curtains.


When people usually hear the word insulation they imagine it’s going to be expensive. However, there is a government scheme which can provide grants in order to deal with cavities in your home and insulate them. There may be a chance you don’t receive a grant, but if you can afford it it’s definitely something to look into as it will keep you warmer and save a lot of money on your heating bills.

Insulation also includes the attic. A lot of heat can escape via the attic, so insulating it will ensure that you’re not losing any warmth or any money.

Those are our tips on how to save money keeping your house warm during winter. Some of these are creative and others are more straight forward. Whatever you do, make sure you keep warm over the next few months and if you can save money whilst doing it then it’s a double bonus!

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