Further information

Further information

Tomorrows Climate, Today’s Challenge
A general website that is part of the Climate Change Communication Initiative led by DEFRA. The website gives information on the causes of climate change, guidance on how to communicate climate change and information on how individuals can get involved, including the Climate Challenge Fund and examples climate projects across the UK.  www.climatechallenge.gov.uk

The UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) helps organisations assess how they might be affected by climate change. Established in 1997 by DEFRA, it undertakes a wide range of research into climate change. It’s website has details of publications and scenarios for climate change for the UK. www.ukcip.org.uk

The Energy Savings Trust
A government funded agency to promote the sustainable use of energy and reduce carbon emissions. They advise on energy efficiency (including houses and transport) and the use of renewable energy. The EST also fund local Energy Efficiency Advice Centres based across the UK. Cheshire’s Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (CHEAAC) is based in Winsford and can advice to households and community organisations on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Freephone 0800 512012, www.est.org.uk

The Carbon Trust
The Carbon Trust works with business to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to climate change. It also advises of the opportunities of low carbon business. Freephone 0800 085 2005, www.carbontrust.co.uk

Climate Change and Children
There are lots of games and activities on the internet that are suitable for talking to children about climate change:
www.managenergy.net/kidscorner/ Downloads and photos which will help you to understand how every day actions affect the environment around you. The site is aimed at two age groups, the 7-11’s and 11-15’s as well as having a section with resources for teachers
www.environment-agency.gov.uk/fun  The Environment Agency has a wide range of animations and games on issues including climate change, energy, waste, resources and people.