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What is Local Agenda 21?

Local Agenda 21 is an opportunity to improve everyone’s quality of life. It is a plan to balance economic, social and environmental well being. This is to ensure that economic progress is not at the cost of the natural environment or society.

How did it start?

In 1992, at the Rio de Janerrio Earth Summit, over 170 nations signed up to a voluntary agreement called “Agenda 21”. This document is an agenda for the 21st Century, made up of numerous chapters each detailing the role that different parts of society could play. There are chapters for central government, local government, business, voluntary and community organisations. In the UK, Agenda 21 has been adopted by requiring local authorities to develop a Local Agenda 21. This is a plan to improve people’s quality of life in that locality for the 21st Century, therefore linking the local to the global issues.